Central Mongolia tour

Khustai Nuruu - National Park

Established in 1993, the Khustain Nuruu Natural reserve is about 100km south-west of Ulaanbaatar. In the 90,000 hectare reserve, which includes the lovely Khustain Nuruu, the wild takhi horse and the steppe environment are being preserved. The takhi, also known as the Przewalski’s horse used to roam the countryside in great herds. In the 1960’s they became nearly extinct after poachers killed them for meat and overgrazing by livestock as well as development reduced their fodder and breeding grounds.

Questions & Answers

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What is the maximum and minimum number of travelers per group?

Packaged Trips: we allow a max of 12 pax and a min of 2 pax
Customized Trips: no limit

Can we extend our trip?

Of course you can. But please let us know in advance.

What are the different payment methods customers can use?

Customized Trips: We require our customers to pay a 500 USD or 50% deposit first through credit card or bank transfer, and the remaining balance to be paid in Happy Bayar Tours office by cash when you arrived in Mongolia.

What if I do not fully agree with the itinerary planned?

Packaged Tours: Packaged tour itinerary are fixed.

Customized Tours: Customized tours guarantees full flexibility, so if you do not like the itinerary you are welcome to change it.

What does the price of my trip include?

The price of your trip includes hotel in UB-Ulaanbaatar, ger camp in countryside, transportation, meals in countryside, cultural sightseeing fee, trained English-speaking guide, National Park fee, welcome kit, road tax, mineral water 1.5L per day per person, domestic airline ticket (depends on different package) as specified in each package trip, your tour guide, driver and car rental fee. Sometimes all meals are include,sometimes meals in UB is not include, so check the itinerary.

What are the gateways to Mongolia?

Entries into Mongolia are by air via Moscow, Beijing, Berlin, Tokyo, Seoul, Istanbul and summer time Shanghai, Paris, Frankfurt starting in 2014. By rail it is possible to catch the train from either Beijing or Moscow and Irkutsk to Ulaanbaatar.

How are the country and people?

Traveling in Mongolia is like discovering a new and different world that you never been before. Mongolia offers you unique and unexplored natural scenes with rich wildlife. The Mongolians are very kind and friendly people. The countryside nomads always offer warm friendship and hospitality to their guests. Mongolia will make your dream as true!

What does the price of my trip exclude?

Mongolian visa charge, travel/medical insurance, Items of personal nature, drinks, excess baggage charges and hotel extra services, horse/camel/yak rental as required, sometimes meals in UB, tips and gratuities


Do we have to purchase anything if vendors try to sell us things?

Absolutely not. We do not require our guests to shop during any time of the trip (though they often do). We do recommend our visitors to pick up at least one local specialty souvenir somewhere along the ways in Mongolia, though that is purely optional.


Could you tell us about Mongolian visa info?

Foreign nationals of the following countries/territories can enter Mongolia visa-free:

For up to 90 days: United States, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia and Macau SAR

For up to 30 days: Canada, Cuba, Israel, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Turkey and Japan, Germany and possibly other Schengen countries?

For up to 21 days: Philippines

For up to 14 days: Hong Kong SAR, Singapore

What documents do I need to enter Mongolia?

In order to enter Mongolia, you will need a Mongolian visa and a valid passport for a minimum of six months at return date. However, because of bilateral agreements made with some countries, this is not always the case.